Top Ten Pinoy Forums for Filipinos

August 18, 2009

Forums are a big hit among Filipinos. Even before the spread of social networking websites, Filipinos have been active in the web through chats and forums. Now that Facebook, Multiply and Friendster are widespread among us, forums are still one of our means of sharing our thoughts with fellow Pinoys.

Most social networking websites nowadays have builtin forums, so it won’t be surprising to find in the top ten Filipino forums list below forums that are actually modules of social networking websites.

Top Ten Pinoy Forums as Ranked by Google for August

1) Mukamo! Pinoy Forum – Ang Forum na Mukhang Blog

2) Pinoy Exchange – We’re an online community where we can speak our minds on a variety of topics. We have over 35 discussion areas, over 200,000 discussions! Registration is free!

3) Pinoy Forum – Pinoy forum for Filipinos.

4) Pinoy Forums – Filipino forum powered by Invision Board.

5) The All-Pinoy GSM Forum – This is a discussion forum powered by vBulletin.

6) Pinoy IMG Forums – Pinoy IMG Forums A very popular meeting place for  Pinoy IMG’s seeking advice on the USMLE and the process of ECFMG certicifation.

7) Pinoy-N – Pinoy’s Ultimate Hang-out for all Things Nintendo!

8) Friendship Online Society – The Friendship Online Society (FOS) is an Online Community of all Filipino’s (Pinoy, Pinay, Filipino & Filipina) dedicated to the exchange of ideas and information relating to all aspects of friendship, love, computers, technology, downloads, music, current events, sports, education, entertainment & anything and everything.

9) Pinoy Forums – Pinoy Forums is an online Filipino forum where members can speak their minds and share their thoughts on various topics.

10) Yeepe! – Forums for Filipinos